FTBC Ministries

What is a Ministry?

A ministry, by definition, is any committee or organization of the Church designed for the purpose of enhancing, monitoring, maintaining and/or developing the spiritual and administrative aspects of the Church.  The activities of the ministry should be in compliance with the church’s Vision and Mission statements.  A ministry’s development must be approved by the Pastor, Official Board and the Church body. 

Qualifications for the leadership or membership of any ministry and/or administrative office are inclusive of being an active member of the Church for not less than one (1) year; maintain a consecrated Christian lifestyle that is holy and God honoring, and supportive of the principles of the Church stewardship program and Tithe.


 Church Council (Committee)                                                                                  

Members of the Church Council Committee consist of the leaders of each ministry or administrative position of the Church.  The Church Council members develops and implements the means by which the Council monitors the Church calendar and group activities to prevent scheduling conflicts;  additionally, members participate in the planning and development of the Church’s overall mission, attend all Church Council meetings, assist in achieving the objective of the Church Council by requiring input from each organization represented, as well as responsible for administrative and legislative authority based on the Church Constitution.


Experiencing Learning and Serving (New Members Orientation {NMO})               

These are studies designed to enrich the understanding of significant Baptist beliefs.  Therefore, allowing all new Christians who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who commit to membership to shape personal attitudes and actions.  All new members, eighteen (18) years and older are required to attend NMO.  This training is for new members and a reiteration for members who have been actively involved with the church for over 6 months. 

NMO is an indispensable function and a continuous process within the church and community which serves as a creator of unity of mind and spirit.


Children’s Church (CC)

Whoever I am is directly related to me without God; WHOEVER I become is directly related to me with God” (amb).

Children’s Church is geared to the child’s level so he/she may worship the Lord with understanding and has the opportunity to actively engage in worship service.  It is planned worship for children with teachers guiding the activities in order to develop a readiness in children to respond to God in praise and thanksgiving.  CC preserve an atmosphere of positive discipline, increase effectiveness and enhance personal growth and development; it encourages friendship and fellowship, coordinates planning, instructions, training, and implementation of its focus on children’s awareness of whom they belong. 

Its concentration is to guide the overall progress of children as they get acquainted with the Holy Scriptures AND accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior.   Therefore, prepares them for adult worship service as they grow and mature as young adults.


 (Counselors) Counseling Ministry

Its purpose is to counsel new converts on Salvation.  Through counseling we can enhance the personal awareness and responsibilities of Christian character and conduct.

Counseling of new members’ increases growth through servant leadership; continues to keep God and prayer first in all endeavors; and after souls are won to Christ, it is our focus to remind all that God above all is the source of all blessings.  This opportunity is also used with new converts and others to embrace Christ with our heart, soul and mind.


FTBC Intergenerational Choir   

Director of Worship – Mrs. Diana Williams

President of FTBC IGC – Ms. Rhomiller Harper                                                  

                The Music Ministry of Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church (FTBC) has been blessed with some of the nation’s greatest musical talent. The first musician was the late Mrs. Verdell Sharp. Other musicians have been Mrs. Edna Maxwell, Rev. Philip Sneed, Minister Keith Pringle, Ricky Dillard, Mr. Charles McEwen, Rev. Ray Allen Berryhill, Mr. Corey Martin and Mr. Walter Whitman (The Soul Children of Chicago).                                            

               Under the leadership of Rev. Calvin Bridges, two albums were produced (Turn It Over To Jesus, 1982) and Awesome (1988); beginning in 2002 the leadership of the choir was handed to Mr. Curtis Burrell (I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired), while being ably assisted by Mrs. Diana Williams and Mr. Ya’Nell Thomas (percussion).

Presently, our Children’s and Adult choirs are being directed by the very capable Mrs. Diana Williams and Rev. Bertram Grey, Jr. (percussion).  Under her leadership, she evaluates performances as defined by FTBC’s ministry manual requirements, coordinates order of services with the Pastor and Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry, as well coordinate music for musicals, special events, concerts, visitations and funerals.


FAITH Center

The FAITH Center was conceived as an idea in 1976 by Rev. Raynarldo Henderson.  Using the Vision and Mission statements as a catalyst of meeting the wholistic needs of all persons both within the church and the global community through servant leadership by the anointing and authority of God, the ministry was established to provide both spiritual and physical nourishment.     

We consistently assess as well as respond to the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of all people through utilizing our resources to develop and implement programs to encourage the congregational body that represents Christ.  Subsequently, on Wednesday at 11:00 AM, a Bible study and worship service is conducted followed by a hot meal and a bag grocery being given to attendees.


Membership Committee


The Membership ministry is responsible for maintaining contact with all members of the Church, especially during the first year of membership. 


This ministry is focused on accurate attendance of the congregation with particular emphasis placed on delinquent members; development and implementation of programs which will increase effectiveness and enhance personal growth and development.  It is our focus and goal to involve and enlist the members to participate more fully in the Ministry of the church and to develop relationships with all church members.




Senior’s Ministry


(So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come. {Psalm 71:18 ESV}).


The senior’s ministry is comprised of individuals who are 60 years and older.  It is profoundly focused on bringing together men and women that will fellowship, pray, and be a witness for Jesus Christ.  Additionally, the ministry encourages members to learn more about a life in Christ as they bind together in Christian love in order to do the will of God.





Spiritual Brothers and Sisters


To help new Christians to find it easier to know others in the congregation, answer questions regarding a life that serves God, and to emphasize through example, the importance of prayer.   Spiritual Brothers and Sisters are supportive to new members, as they encourage them to pray, encourage Bible Study attendance and Sunday Morning Bible Study, as well as enjoy the wonderful experience of serving God.






Ushers are committed to the development and implementation of programs which will increase effectiveness and enhance personal growth and development; assures that the auditorium is in comfortable physical order at all times before each service, greet the congregation and guest and strangers. 


 The Usher’s Ministry is proud to be of service to the Pastor, Official Board and all members of the congregation, as they assist in maintaining order during all services.  Our Ushers’ pride themselves on creating an atmosphere of genuine welcome and concern for all attending the services and being attentive to the needs of persons, giving direction and responding to the needs of the people.  Lastly, being available for duty at all worship services, funerals and other church related activities is a priority, as well.  But more importantly, their service is to the Lord.  They do what they do humbly as Christ does for us. 




 Women's Missionary Union (WMU)


                It is the responsibility of the WMU to minister to needs (spiritual, temporal and financial) of Church members and the community at large; to promote the concepts and ideas of the mission program to church members inclusive of developing and implementing seminars and/or retreats (twice per year) for the members of the WMU thus increasing the effectiveness and enhance personal growth for leadership and mission development. 


Additionally, the WMU encourages support of Home Missions, inform church of items of interest concerning missionaries, support mission groups (i.e., Mission Friends, Acteens, Baptist Young Women (BYW), and other groups, as applicable.  They are committed to the internal guidelines for the local WMU.


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